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Roxana Garaiman

Roxana grew up along with the free media in Romania and she has always known that this was her path. In the past 10 years she has worked on multiple beats and at different types of national media. Her expertise has enabled her to find a common thread in the complex area of investigative journalism, where she discovers hidden connections between public officials, politicians, and criminal gangs.

Reporting focus

cross-border investigations and organized crime

Previous publications

  • “Policeman Nelu Lupu, the Guardian Angel of the Underworld.” Commissioner Nelu Lupu, now being investigated for violations of COVID-19 health and safety measures, offered protection to the most violent mobsters in Bucharest, Romania’s capital. “Stipendiary Scientists.” How The Romanian Academy of Scientists was founded by changing the name of an NGO – the Romanian Association of Scientists. It has 250 full-time members, all paid for life from the state budget. If they die, their descendants benefit from a non-taxable monthly amount.
  • “When the mafia speaks.” An internal recording shows how the underworld uses the largest party in Romania as the central command for real estate deals worth millions of euros.

Current position

  • Reporter RISE Project Romania (

Media outlets I’ve been writing for

  • RISE Project Romania (
  •, Romanian online news and features magazine
  •, Romanian national daily newspaper


Investigation of the year at Superscrieri Awards 2016 for the article “Stipendiary Scientists.”