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Agnieszka Wądołowska

Agnieszka always wanted to write inspirational, gripping stories. She became a journalist to give voice to those who dare to follow their own path and pave the way for others as well as those who require help and support, but are institutionally neglected.

Aga is a print and online journalist who is managing editor at Notes from Poland, an independent news outlet published in English.

She believes it’s an important time to understand Poland – a one-time paragon of successful democratic transformation following the fall of communism – as it is becoming increasingly illiberal with its judiciary independence compromised and civil liberties threatened.

For years, Aga worked for the Polish mainstream media covering women’s rights issues including abortion tourism, feminist activism, and domestic violence. Most recently she has been covering mass protests around Poland sparked by the constitutional court’s ruling that introduces a near total ban on abortion.

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social injustice and women’s rights issues ranging from abortion tourism and feminist activism to domestic violence

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Agnieszka Wądołowska, Kinga Rajzak

Poland and Hungary Turn Blind Eye to Rampant Domestic Abuse

The chaos unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic has emboldened Poland and Hungary – two of the most patriarchal and conservative countries in the European Union – to brazenly snub nationally and internationally ratified women’s rights conventions and initiatives that provide protection against domestic abuse.