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Atanas Tchobanov

BulgariaFor the last 14 years since its accession to the European Union in 2007, Bulgaria has remained at the bottom of indexes evaluating the level of perceived corruption and media freedom in EU member states. The decline of investigative journalism in the mainstream media is a direct consequence of the influence of powerful oligarchs linked

Roxana Garaiman

Roxana grew up along with the free media in Romania and she has always known that this was her path. In the past 10 years she has worked on multiple beats and at different types of national media. Her expertise has enabled her to find a common thread in the complex area of investigative journalism,

Mihai Munteanu

Mihai was 24 years old when he became a journalist – four years before Romania joined the EU. There were times when corruption was flourishing and Romanian citizens saw the injustice but felt powerless. A fresh graduate of journalism school, he had a keen eye for wrongdoing and a passion for exposing it. In just

Lili Rutai

I am a freelance Hungarian journalist, and my goal is to shine a light on social inequalities in the country, with a pinch of feminism.  At the age of 10 I was writing, editing, illustrating, printing and selling a school newspaper. When I was 16 years old, I started my internship at a fashion newspaper

Agnieszka Wądołowska

Agnieszka always wanted to write inspirational, gripping stories. She became a journalist to give voice to those who dare to follow their own path and pave the way for others as well as those who require help and support, but are institutionally neglected. Aga is a print and online journalist who is managing editor at

Kinga Rajzak

KINGA RAJZAK HUNGARY Kinga got into journalism by chance, and immediately knew she had found her calling. She is inspired by the noble mission of journalism to uncover the truth and tell pressing stories. Today, Kinga is a multimedia journalist who has reported on art and culture for various magazines and shot breaking news packages covering

Ivan Radev

I became a journalist because I wanted to check the facts by myself. It is a good career choice for a curious person, with diverse areas of interest. Reporting focus Media and political analysis Previous publications Primum non nocere. On the Virus and Ethics Истината е първата жертва във всяка война, но можем ли да

Bianca Albu

At the beginning, a frustration over corruption pushed me to become a journalist. It felt like that was the only way to fight injustice. It did not take me long to change my mind. Now it is not about corruption – it is only about shedding light on the truth. Reporting focus Investigative journalist focused

Oana Despa

I didn’t set out to become a journalist. I ended up in a newsroom when I was 18 years old and I fell in love with this job because it has enabled me to find the truth and contribute to addressing some of society’s deformities.Although I wanted to do something else in life and I